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Masada, Youth Zionist Organization Of America
Imprint: New York, Masada, Youth Zionist Organization Of America, N.D.
Edition: First Edition
Binding: Paperback
No date (1940s) . First edition. Original illustrated paper wrappers in green and black with illustration of Masada. 8vo. 3 pages; 23.5cm. Holocaust-era call for young Jews to join the Youth Zionist movement of America. Answers the question “What confronts Jewish Youth? ” with the assertion that the only solution to stagnation, indifference, and anti-Semitism is the Zionist movement. “American Jewry will remain strong only so long as its Youth-its most vital and potentially creative force-is with it. In the hands therefore of Young American Jews rests the destiny of our people. The choice is with us. Either we stand by and submit to the stagnation and paralysis of Jewish life or we accept the Zionist program. ” Includes history of Masada and advocates for a modern-day metaphorical Masada. “An organized mass movement, convinced of the soundness and effectiveness of its program, influencing public opinion in the justice of its aims, is itself a fortress of towering strength. ” SUBJECT(S) : Masada, Youth, Zionist youth movements. OCLC lists no holdings worldwide. Minimal dampstaining and markings. Torn edges. Good condition. Rare. (zion-11-36), Zionism5, holo15
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