Item details: Plan de la Baye et Port de Mayorque
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Plan de la Baye et Port de Mayorque
Imprint: Marseilles, 1746
Inscription: Signed, Inscribed Or Annotated
290 x 450 mm., in very good condition.
The "Recueil de Plusieurs Plans des Ports et Rades ... de la Mer Mediterranee" contained numerous plans of the Mediterranean ports and harbours. The plates are all signed "par iacques Ayrouard pilote real avec privilege du Roy grave par louis Corne". They show their engraver is one Louis Corne. The place of publication is unknown but presumed here to be Marseille, the home of a few similar works. The work is dedicated to Jean Frederick Phelypeaux Comte de Maurepas who was the Minister of the Navy to Louis XV. About Ayrouard surprisingly little is known other than his referral in the book to being a navigator with the French Royal Navy. This particular chart is of the bay and port of Palma, Majorca, in the Balearic Islands. NMM 206; Phillips 7862; Shirley Atlases in the BL M.Ayr 1a.
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