Item details: Andaluzia Continens Sevillam et Cordubam
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Andaluzia Continens Sevillam et Cordubam
Imprint: Amsterdam, c.1645
380 x 500 mm., in superb early wash colour with GILT HIGHLIGHTS. Good condition.
An attractive early map of Andalusia and the south coast of Spain centred on the present day 'Costa del Sol'. The coastline extends from Faro in Portugal to Albufera in the east. The cities of Seville and Cordoba are highlighted with gold and the coats of arms bear gilded crowns also. Joan Blaeu (1598-1673) is one of the most famous of the Dutch cartographers and this example from the 'Atlas Novus' is with French text to the verso. Van der Krogt, P. (Atlantes) 6110:2.
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