Item details: Buckinghamshire
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Imprint: London, 1743-[96]
240 x 145 mm., light foxing lower left margin, otherwise in good condition.
First published in George Bickham's fully engraved 'British Monarchy' c.1743. A little known later edition by George Bickham Junior was published by Laurie and Whittle in 1796 under the title 'A Curious Antique Collection of Birds-eye Views of the Several Counties'. Of extreme rarity in either edition, the first is known in only 7 examples. The maps are highly collected for their distinctiveness. This is an example of the map of the county of Buckinghamshire. Wyatt p. 17; Hodson 218; Lyon 'A Bird's-eye View of the Bickhams' in 'The Map Collector' no. 2 pp. 30-3.
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