Item details: Plan of the Island of Gorée
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ASTLEY, Thomas
Plan of the Island of Gorée
Imprint: London, 1745
240 x 360 mm., in fine condition.
The Island of Goree is a small island of just 45 acres (0.2 sq. km.) located only 2 km at sea from the main harbour of Dakar, Senegal. It was first occupied by the Portuguese c.1450 as a post to enable further southward exploration down the coast of Africa. In turn it became a Dutch, French and English possession. This plan of the island of Goree includes two views below of the Cape Verde Islands found just to the west. It is from the publisher Thomas Astley's "A New General Collection of Voyages and Travels" published in 1745. Archambault, 'The Map Collector' 45 pp. 28-30; Shirley Atlases in the BL G.Astl 1a no. 20.
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