Item details: A Map of Surrey
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A Map of Surrey
Imprint: London, 1751
260 x 140 mm., with accompanying leaves of text, in good condition.
A VERY RARE pictorial view of the county with foreground vignettes of county scenery. First published in George Bickham's fully engraved 'British Monarchy' c.1743. Of extreme rarity, only seven examples of the atlas are recorded. The maps are highly collected for their distinctiveness. Below the title is a dedication to the Lord Lieutenant of the county. Bickham was a renowned author and engraver of works on calligraphy. The accompanying descriptive text shows well his skill with script. Hodson 217; Lyon 'A Bird's-eye View of the Bickhams' in The Map Collector no. 2 pp. 30-3; MCC 27, no. 7.
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