Item details: Nova et Accuratissima Totius Terraum Orbis Tabula
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Nova et Accuratissima Totius Terraum Orbis Tabula
Imprint: Amsterdam, 1662
Edition: First Edition
410 x 545 mm., early wash colour, some light toning in the margins due to previous framing, one small wormhole in upper margin, otherwise in good condition.
A classic double-hemisphere world map here in its FIRST EDITION published with Latin text in Joan Blaeu’s magnum opus, the ‘Atlas Major’. Joan Blaeu’s father Willem Blaeu first published the Mercator projection world map in 1606 and had been included in the Blaeu firm’s atlases from 1630. This newly engraved double-hemispheric map was produced for the ‘Atlas Major’, the monumental work is considered the greatest of all atlases. ‘The Great Atlas by the Blaeu’s is one of the monuments of map production, and for size and beauty and accuracy has never been surpassed’ (World Encompassed no. 149). ‘The contents of this unprecedented atlas illustrate the high standards of contemporary cartography and geographical knowledge, and its presentation bears witness to the superb craftsmanship of engraver, printer, binder, and papermaker’ (Koeman (1970) Joan Blaeu and his Grand Atlas, pp. 1-3).Cartographically it resembles his own large wall map of 1648 with new additions, specifically in the west coast of North America. California is still depicted as an outline but now with a flatter north coast known as the Briggs type. Similarly, a reference to Sir Francis Drake and Anian are also additions here. The map is surrounded by spandrel vignettes which incorporate allegorical images of the four seasons and celestial figures. The four seasonal characters are seen sitting in chariot’s, from left to right; spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each are drawn by various fauna. An image of Galileo Galilei sits over the western hemisphere whilst Tycho Brahe is to the right. Koeman (1967-70) Bl 56 no. 435; Van der Krogt (1997-2010) (Vol. II) 0001:2B; Shirley (1984) 428.
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