Item details: Veduta della Fontana di Trevi
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Veduta della Fontana di Trevi
Imprint: Rome, 1763
390 x 530 mm., light foxmark on the upper edge in the margin, printed on thick paper in good condition.
This fabulous view of the Trevi Fountain in Rome is found in Jean Barbault's 'Les Plus Beaux Edifices de Rome Moderne'. Olschki states that the views of Barbault occupy an honourable place in the iconography of Rome. Various street sellers are set up in the foreground. I very recognisable image. Barbault studied in Paris before settling in Rome. He entered Rome at the time Piranesi was active and worked with him as well as becomming a rival. Barbault contributed figures to fourteen plates by Piranesi in volumes 2 and 3 of the 'Antichita Romane', 1754. There were not many collaborators. Seven years later Barbault's own collection of views on ancient Rome was published. In both this and the posthumously published 'Les Plus Beaux Edifices de Rome Moderne' (1763) from which this plate is drawn, Barbault drew on several views from Piranesi's earlier work. In the views of "modern" Rome, Barbault is, inevitably, close to Piranesi's contemporary views. Berlin Cat. 2712; Brunet I 546; Fowler 37; Olschki 16397.
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