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Greenberg, Uri Zvi [Grinberg, Uri Tsvi]
Imprint: Yerushalayim : Shoken [Shocken], 1950/51
Edition: First Edition
Binding: Hardback
1950/51. 1st edition. Original Cloth in the rare illustrated dust jacket. 8vo, 385 pages. 23 cm. In the original Hebrew. Book of Holocaust poetry published just after the Holocaust by one of the greatest 20th-century Hebrew and Yiddish poets. Leah Orent notes that "On Tisha b'Av, the day of collective mourning for Jewish national disasters both ancient and modern, it has become customary to read Holocaust literature. Greenberg's Rehovot ha-Nahar is an epic Holocaust lamentation, published in 1951. Reading a representative selection from the text, we…. Examine how the poet's private voice merges with that of his persona as spokesperson for the Jewish people, addressing a silent God in heaven and confronting the murderers on earth. We…consider the speaker's struggle to balance the guilt of a survivor with his sense of prophetic vocation. Ultimately, the collection articulates a vision of Jewish history flowing like an eternal river from Abraham to Sinai through the horrors of the Holocaust towards the revival of the kingdom of Israel and messianic redemption" (2014) . Indeed, Greenberg's poems in this collection are cited by, for example, leading Holocaust scholar David S. Wyman in "The World Reacts to the Holocaust" (Baltimore, 1996, see for example page 922) . Very Good Condition with dustjacket mounted onto boards. A very nice and attractive copy. (holo2-122-48A), HOLO14, INBT AE
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