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Nister, Der, 1884-1950 [Pinkhes Kaganovich]
Imprint: Moskve: Ogiz, Melukhe-Farlag "der Emes",, 1943
Edition: First Edition
Binding: Paperback
1st edition. Original printed paper wrappers, 69 pages ; 20 cm. In Yiddish. “Der Nister—which means ‘the Hidden One, a name that impels readers to seek the author in his literary creations—was the nom de plume of Pinkhes Kaganovich, who lived from 1884 to 1950. Born in Berdichev, Ukraine, he initially began writing in Hebrew, but it was in Yiddish literature that he made a lasting impression on contemporary Yiddish writers and critics. Der Nister’s wartime short stories—recently published as Regrowth: Seven Tales of Jewish Life Before, During, and After Nazi Occupation, Erik Butler’s first English-language translation of the Soviet Yiddish writer—expose new readers to a harrowing response to loss and destruction by one of the Soviet Union’s most enigmatic Jewish writers…. In 1943, Der Nister published a small collection of short stories on the Holocaust under the title Korbones (Victims) ” [this work] (Naya Lekht in Tablet, December 2, 2011) . SUBJECT(S) : Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Fiction. OCLC: 19306215. Removed from binder with expected wear to spine, otherwise a nearly pristine copy, an excellent copy. (yid-41-85), Holo17, sovyid1
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