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Reichert, Irving F., Rabbi
Imprint: No Place [San Francisco], No Publisher, 1946
Edition: First Edition
Binding: paperback
1st edition. Original paper wrappers. 8vo, 20 cm, 17 pages. An early post-Holocaustaddress delivered to the Commonwealth Club of California, at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, April 5, 1946, by Rabbi Irving F. Reichert of Congregation Emanu-El, San Francisco, opposing Zionism on general principal but calling for Palestine to be an a democratic haven for Jewish Holocaust refugees. This address has been privately printed through the courtesy of a number of friends. He talks about the experience of the Jews in the Holocaust and particularly focuses on Zionism, and the issues that arise. He also clarifies that the Jews are not a nationality nor a nation, and he argues that with the predictions of the low percentage of Jews that would end up in a Jewish state, there won’t be a Jewish nationality even with a Jewish state. He says, “The American Jewish Community today presents a paradox as far as Palestine is concerned. We are hopelessly divided in our views regarding the political future of Palestine. Many of us are unalterably opposed for reasons of deep conviction, to the establishment of a Jewish state. We are, however, completely united in our conviction that as a democratic commonwealth Palestine can and should provide a home for our disinherited and downtrodden fellow Jews who seek its shelter.” SUBJECT(S): The Jewish question. OCLC: 20985084, OCLC lists 5 copies worldwide (California Hist Soc, Graduate Theol Union Libr, Stanford, HUC, NLI).Very Good Condition. Scarce. (HOLO2-159-47-X-’al), holo17, zionism6
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